The Temporary Crib
The Temporary Crib provides Newborn Care Specialists, Doulas, Night Nannies, and RNs with reasonable, clean, safe lodging for one night through three months.
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Lodgers: This is a FREE service for lodgers.  The Temporary Crib is an alternative to hotel's, motel's or sleeping in your car.  Do you have a temporary position in a city you do not live in and not a place to stay?  Do you dread the high cost of a hotel?  The Temporary Crib may have the solution.  Would you like the opportunity to travel and make more money, but the lodging is holding you back?  The Temporary Crib may have the solution. It is no longer necessary to  limit yourself to round the clock work.  Now you can take all those night positions and not pay high hotel rates.  Save hundreds of dollars a week by using The Temporary Crib.  The suggested nightly rate is one hour's salary or $25 a night. See Lodger Guidelines
Landlords: There are also advantages to renting a room through The Temporary Crib. 
Do you have an extra room in your home and would like to share it while they work?  Would you like to make some extra money?
Although you may set your own fee, we recommend $25 a night.  You may want to give a break for those who stay over a week or two but that is always up to you.  We have set up guidelines for the landlord and the renter to follow along with a  5 star rating method. 
 Renting/Lodging Guidelines:  Although we are setting up guidelines it is hard to enforce them.  We will be using a 5 star rating process for lodgers and landlords.  You will be able to view who your potential lodger or landlord faired before you agree to lodge with or rent to them. 
The Temporary Crib will provide free referrals to clean, reasonable and safe lodging. 
Although we do not guarantee the above we will remove anyone from the list you consistently receives an average of below 4 stars.  It is our intent that when you pick someone from The Temporary Crib you will feel you made a good decision.
          ֍  Reasonable prices per night/day.
          ֍  Contracts available for the renter/landlord to sign.
          ֍  Listings/pictures for each available rental. 
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