The Temporary Crib
The Temporary Crib provides Newborn Care Specialists, Doulas, Night Nannies, and RNs with reasonable, clean, safe lodging for one night through three months. 
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 Landlord Guidelines
   ֍  Landlords should be child care professionals or approved landlords.  Approval will come from 3 letters of reference.  Please fill out this form to be added to our landlord page.  
   ֍  Landlords will offer a clean, safe room which includes:  A furnished room - bed, dresser, closet space.           
   ֍  Kitchen privileges (at the landlord's discretion) -  use of dishes, silverware, pots, pans,  appliances, small appliances, a shelf in the refrigerator, room in the panty.   Renter will clean up after herself including any dishes or cookware she uses.  Hours for kitchen use may be set at your discretion.  
   ֍  Bathroom privileges - preferable not shared.  Landlord provides bath linens, toilet paper
   ֍  Laundry equipment privileges - if applicable.
   ֍  Safe place to park her car in the area directly connected to the home.  No charge to  park unless you have to pay for parking. 
   ֍  Key or code to get into the home. 
   ֍  Landlord must provide proof of home owners insurance, approval from their landlord if you are renting and a contract with the renter.  

To advertise your home

 Fill out this form and email up to 5 pictures you would like posted. 

There will be a 10% charge on each contact you sign with a lodger, payable to the Temporary Crib. 
There is no charge to list.  If you do not rent, you do not pay.  This will be done on the honor code.  If you send your room for rent information in to the Temporary Crib by May 10th, there will be no fee payable to the Temporary Crib for the first month you rent.

Contracts will be provided should you wish to use one.

All communications between lodger and landlord before signing the contract will go through the Temporary Crib.

Payment will be made to the Temporary Crib through
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