The Temporary Crib
The Temporary Crib provides Newborn Care Specialists, Doulas, Night Nannies, and RNs with reasonable, clean, safe lodging for one night through three months.
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 Renter Guidelines:
   Please check with your landlord for any variations.

  ֍  You provide your own meals.
  ֍  You will be offered a room - not the house.  You are on your own.  The landlord is not responsible to entertain you. 
  ֍  Be courteous.  Treat your landlord's home like your client's home.
  ֍  You may have kitchen privileges.  Be sure to ask
  ֍   A deposit will be required to hold a room.  This will be determined by the landlord
  ֍  Please use
this form to be approved as a Lodger
  ֍  If you are sleeping during the day you are responsible to bring a white noise machine to drowned out any daytime noise.
  ֍  No music, tv, radio, Ipod that can be heard outside of your room after 10pm or before 8am.  Or whatever noise rule the landlord imposes
  ֍    If you do not find a home available in the area you are visiting you can send your request to the Temporary Crib and we will post the request for you.  Email us your request
֍   A Lodger/Landlord Contract is available that protects both the Lodger and the Landlord. The Temporary Crib encourages you to utilize a contract.
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